Only parents or guardians may come to sit or eat in the cafeteria at the designated Visitor’s Table with their student. No other guests are permitted unless accompanied by the student’s parent/legal guardian.

Food from Outside Sources - Parents may bring outside food for their student only. Because of the nutrition policy, we cannot allow you to bring pizzas, soda, cupcakes, and/or other foods to give to students other than your own.

Breakfast is served in the cafeteria beginning at 8:15 a.m. each morning. Student breakfast is $1.25 and adult breakfast is priced a la carte.

Full lunches and a la carte lunches are served in the cafeteria, with the option to buy milk, juice, and desserts separately. Student lunches are $2.60 and adult lunches are $3.25. In addition, students are allowed to bring sack lunches instead of buying. We follow the Texas Department of Agriculture Nutritional Policy, so all vending machines are off until after school. Students are not allowed to buy sodas/soft drinks during the school day.

Food Accounts - Each student will be issued an account number. The account may be credited by bringing a check or by depositing funds on the internet. The account number takes the place of a lunch ticket, and the account is debited each time a purchase is made in the cafeteria. Students will need their ID in order to access their lunch account. Money in the account may be spent any way the student wishes unless parents notify the cafeteria manager that they want the account blocked (in which case only a full lunch may be purchased). Money may be deposited into the account on any day. Siblings must have separate accounts. No one else has access to an account number unless the student shares it, so students should protect their account numbers and keep them private. Parents are encouraged to put $5.00 in the student’s account for emergencies.

Behavior in the cafeteria – Students are expected to enter by walking rather than running. In the food lines, they must wait their turn (no cuts). Once students are finished purchasing food, they are expected to stay seated while they are in the cafeteria. All students should take responsibility for clearing litter and cleaning up their table.

Leaving the cafeteria – Students may exit the cafeteria only after an adult has dismissed them. Food, snacks, and canned or bottled drinks cannot be taken from the cafeteria and should not be consumed in the hallways.

Book bags/Backpacks/Large Purses

Students should leave book bags, backpacks and large purses in their locker. These items are not allowed in classrooms. It is up to the discretion of the administration to determine what purses/bags are in violation.

Energy Drinks

Students are not allowed to bring beverage containers of any kind into school buildings during the school day (school day is defined as from the time a student first enters the school building for the day until the last dismissal bell of the day). Beverage containers must be disposed of in trash receptacles at the school entrances prior to entering the school building. Energy drinks are not allowed on the Boles campus. This is from the time a student arrives on the school property in the morning until the last dismissal bell of the day.

Exceptions will be made for unopened beverage containers in lunch boxes or lunch bags that will be consumed only during lunchtime, as long as the beverage is not a banned Energy Drink.


A registered nurse is a member of the staff of all junior high schools. Students with health issues may be referred to the nurse by teachers, the parents, or the administrative staff. First aid will be given when necessary; referral to a doctor or other health agency will be made when treatment is beyond the means of the school. Students that do not feel well during the school day should request a pass from their teacher to go to the clinic. If the student has symptoms which make them physically unable to remain at school, the nurse will call the parent to send the student home. Students are not to use their personal cell phones, a teacher’s phone or any other phone to call their parents to come get them from school.

It is essential that the school clinic have the following information: accurate telephone numbers where the parent may be reached in the event of an emergency, the name of a local physician, and the names of local persons who will accept responsibility for a student in the case of emergency when the parents cannot be reached.

Immunizations – Parents must update student shot records with the school nurse each school year by providing documentation of required immunizations.

Medications – If your child needs to take prescription medication during school hours, it will be necessary for school personnel to have the medicine in a container labeled by the pharmacy giving the student’s name, the doctor’s name, name of the medication, dosage to be administered and directions for administration. The clinic must have a written request from the student’s parent/guardian and a physician’s order to give the medication.

If your child needs an over-the-counter medicine, it should be brought to the clinic in its original container and labeled with the child’s name. Parents/guardians must complete a written request form stating the dosage and directions for administering the medications.

All medication must be brought to the clinic for safekeeping. Student should not keep medication in their lockers, purses or backpacks.

Screenings – School nurses perform screens of 7th and 8th grade students for a variety of reasons


During Passing Periods - Passing periods between classes are four minutes in length. During this time students are expected to walk, get water, go to the restroom, and get necessary supplies for the next class. Many students find that it is better to only go to their locker two or three times a day. Look at your schedule carefully and plan the best route to get from one class to the next. You are expected to be in the classrooms on time. Students are expected to walk directly to their classrooms without engaging in unsafe or disruptive behaviors.

During Class time - Students in the hallway for any reason must have a hall pass issued by his/her teacher.

Elevator - Only students who have obtained an elevator pass from the clinic or office may use the elevator.


The Boles library is located on the second floor of the building. Students may come by between classes; however visiting the library is not a reason for being tardy to class. During class, students need a pass to come to the library.


All students are assigned an individual locker. Students should not share lockers and should only use the locker assigned to them. It is important that students memorize their combination and not disclose their combination or “rig” their lockers to open without using the combination! Students caught sharing or “rigging” lockers will receive appropriate disciplinary consequences. The outside of the locker is not to be decorated for birthdays or special occasions or in any way used to post signs, messages, pictures, etc.

Athletic/P.E. Locker Rooms

Students enrolled in athletics or PE will be issued a locker in the locker rooms. Students should secure their valuables by placing them in the locker and locking them up. Locker rooms are off limits to students unless they are supervised by an adult.

Behavior in the locker rooms – Horseplay, physical contact, unsafe behavior, theft, harassment, locker checking, slap boxing, pranks, etc. in the locker room are considered serious infractions and will receive appropriate disciplinary consequences upon the first infraction.

School Grounds/Front Porch/Black Top

The campus is an extension of the school building, so school rules and policies are in effect on the grounds just as they are inside the building. School buses and bus stops are also extensions of the campus. Students are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior on the grounds, in buses, and at bus stops. They are subject to disciplinary consequences if they do not behave appropriately. Fighting on school grounds, on the bus, or at the bus stop will result in a minimum of a CHOICES placement and could result in a ticket from the campus’ School Resource Officer.

Respect for the environment – Students are expected to pick up trash, stay out of the flower beds, and leave tree branches alone. Littering on campus is unacceptable and will have a consequence.

Bicycles, Roller blades, and Skateboards - Students are NOT permitted to ride bicycles, use roller blades, or ride skateboards on school grounds. Bicycles ridden to school are to be secured in the bike rack, located on the west side of the building, during the school day. Roller blades and skateboards are not allowed on the Boles Junior High campus.

Office/Classroom Telephones

The telephones in the office and the classrooms are for business use. They are available for student use with permission from office personnel or the class room teacher.

Visitors to Campus

All visitors are required to report to the office immediately upon entering the building to sign in and receive a visitor’s badge. Parents who desire conferences with teachers, counselors, or administrators, will receive an appointment by telephoning in advance to arrange the time most suitable for conferences. At no time should a visitor call a teacher from class or conference with him/her at the door of the room. Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their student. A separate table will be provided for that parent to have lunch with their student. Parents are not allowed to sit with other students during lunch.

Although other visitors are not allowed, parents and guardians are welcome to visit Boles at any time. They should sign-in and receive a visitor’s badge from the office. If a parent wishes to visit a classroom during school hours, the appropriate grade level assistant principal and teacher should be contacted prior to the visit. Parents who come into the building to bring lunch to their students, must sign-in at the front office and receive a visitor’s badge. This practice is for the safety of all students, teachers, and staff at Boles so that we may know who is visiting our building at all times.