Art Teacher

Campus Role: Teacher
Campus Team: Art, Electives, Fine Arts

Christina Blank
Art Teacher

UIL Academic Sponsor

Bachelor’s Degree from Sam Houston State University in History and Minor in Art

Christina Blank is the recipient of the Mirabeau B. Lamar Award of Excellence.

The Mirabeau B. Lamar award is given to outstanding achievers who overcome personal difficulties or hardships and excel at challenges presented in life while making the community and nation stronger.

Art Classes Supplies List 


Colored pencils (not map pencils)

Watercolor paints (Prang brand preferred)

Graphite pencils

Sketch book– any size (will use as notebook/ textbook)


Glue sticks 3-5

Paper towels– The district does not put them in the art class… 3 rolls per student minimum please (bounty and viva preferred… work better in art classes)

Container to hold supplies, doesn’t need to be fancy, but will make storage easier, less likely to lose… Please label container with student’s first and last name.