AVID Mission Statement

AVID Swag:

T-Shirts and Hoodies have been ordered- just waiting on delivery.

If you have any questions of concerns, please contact me at aprichar@aisd.net. Thank you for supporting your child in the AVID program.

Supply List for 2018-2019 - 7th and 8th Grade

  • 3" three ring binder
  • spiral journal
  • clipboard
  • zipper bag for supplies
  • multi-color pens
  • pencils
  • highlighters
  • colored pencils
  • EXPO markers and eraser
  • sticky notes
  • note cards (3x5)
  • 2 full size tissue boxes
  • 2 bottles of hand sanitizer

 AVID National Web site

Please mark your calendars for the list of the AVID Site Team Meeting dates below. All meetings will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. with the goal of being finished by 8:30 a.m. These dates can also be found on "Boles Announcements" under "Campus Meeting Schedules" or on the Boles AVID website. 

 AVID Site Team meetings will be from 8:00-8:30 a.m. in Room 404

What is AVID?

"AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a college-readiness system designed to increase the number of students who enroll in four-year colleges. Although AVID serves all students, it focuses on the least served students in the academic middle. The formula is simple - raise expectations of students and, with the AVID support system in place, they will rise to the challenge." - AVID.org

What is AVID's Mission?

"AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society." -AVID.org

AVID Application Essay for 8th

AVID Application Essay for Martin HS


March 7, 2020.

Community Service:

Students need 15 hours of community service.

Spring Break: Over the break if you have time, think about organizing your binder and re-stock supplies such as pencils, pens etc.  

Field Trip to UNT! The 8th grade AVID students took a trip to UNT on Thursday March 5. The trip included a presentation about UNT, tour around the campus and lunch at one of the cafeterias. During the toru students were allowed to play basketball, volleyball and soccer at the recreation center. Several students had the opportunity to win a UNT t-shirt by participating in one of the events on campus. The field trip was successful and there might be some future UNT Eagles from this experience.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at aprichar@aisd.net. Thank you for supporting your child in the AVID program.

Ann Prichard

AVID Coordinator