Jocelyn Epley

Jocelyn Epley
Choir Director

Notes on Music Staff

Audrey Alotto
Assistant Choir Director


August 7, 2020

Welcome 7th graders and welcome back 8th graders to Boles JH Choir family! We are excited to meet all of our amazing students and their families over the next few weeks. You can always check this weekly newsletter for dates and important information throughout the year. We also communicate through emails, remind texts, and canvas. More information will be coming soon!

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Jocelyn Epley and Audrey Alotto

Boles Choir Directors

Boles Office (682) 867-8000   


Class Schedule for Mrs. Epley & Ms. Alotto

1st Period - 8:55 to 9:45 - Non Varsity Boys

2nd Period - 9:49 to 10:41 -  Varsity Boys

3rd Period- 10:45 to 11:35 -  Non Varsity Boys

4th Period - 11:39 to 12:29 - Conference

B Lunch 12:29-12:59 - Lunch

5th Period - 1:03 to 1:53 - Varsity Girls

6th Period - 1:57 to 2:47 - Intermediate Girls

7th Period - 3:21 to 4:10 - Non Varsity Girls


Boles Choir News!

Students auditioning for All-City and/or All-Region Choir in January should work on their music at home with the materials on as much as possible as the auditions are over the next two weeks.

Spring Semester dates below…….

January 17th- All-City Choir Auditions 5pm-9pm (students can leave after auditioning)

January 24th All-Region Auditions 5pm-10pm (students can leave after auditioning)

January 25th- All-Region Auditions 9am-1pm (students can leave after auditioning)

January 30th- Guy’s Night at WhirlyBall/Laser Whirld 5pm-8:30pm (forms & $ due the 16th)

February 8th- All-Region members Clinic and Concert 7:45am-6pm

February 20th- Ladies Night at the new Main Event in Grand Prairie 6pm-8pm

February 25th- African American History Program 6:30 pm (Chorale Only)

March 17th- Pre-UIL for all choirs!!!

March 24th or 25th- UIL CONTEST for Cadenza, Bel Canto, and Vivace during school day

March 26th or 27th- UIL CONTEST for Chorale Men, Chorale Women, & Chorale during school

April 22nd or 23rd- Hurricane Harbor Contest at Birdville HS during the school day (ALL CHOIRS)

April 22nd- Show Choir Hurricane Harbor Contest at Birdville HS 5pm-9pm

April 25th- Hurricane Harbor water park play day 10 am-5:00 pm

April 27th- All-City Choir members clinic and concert  5pm-8 pm

May 1st- MANDATORY SPRING CONCERT for all choirs at Arlington Leavitt Pavilion

"Box Tops for Education"

Please collect the Box Tops for Education and turn them into Mrs. Epley or Miss Alotto, the choir director or to the office. Each week a student name is drawn to win some candy for donating their box tops.  When you turn them in, be sure you print your first & last name on each one.  The box tops are then placed in a container, and one is drawn for the candy prize each week. The money earned will be used for purchasing needed items for students in the choir program.  Thank you for your help.


Sweepstakes 2019

Chorale Women: Sweepstakes

Chorale Men: Sweepstakes

Chorale Mixed: Sweepstakes

Bel Canto: Sweepstakes

Vivace: Sweepstakes

Cadenza: Superior on stage and an Excellent in Sight-reading

The choir program has had a busy two weeks with All-City Choir auditions and All-Region auditions.  We had 33 make the All-City Choir. We will announce the Region members tomorrow but here are our All-City Choir members.

Congratulations to:

Amelia A. Savannah K. Gyasi Y. Asia W. Charlie D. Zach M.
Olivia A. Ava D. Audrey B. Lily W. Zach M. Daniel T.
Elissa B. Mackenzie E. Carolyn C. Sean M. Noah N. Joel R.
Danica M. Riba H. Clara R. Gavin S. Kyle P. Will. W
Alana Grace M. Hannah M. Itzel T. Braxton V. Daniel R.
Paige R. Rowan R. Makenzie T. Alex C. Matthew S.