Grants for Education


Boles Junior High - $8,906

Requestors: Vivienne Knight, Cory Singer, Valerie Wicker

Principal: Jeff Provence

Technology in Use: TI-Nspire Navigator system for calculators

Grant Overview: The TI-Nspire Navigator System would greatly benefit the 8th grade math students at Boles Junior High. With this technology, teachers will be able to push out interactive activities, as well as monitor every student's’ TI-Nspire calculator screen. The Navigator System will significantly enhance students’ ability to utilize the TI-Nspire calculator effectively and further engage students in the learning process.


Boles Junior High - $25,005

Requestors: Mary Stone

Principal: Jeff Provence

Technology in Use: PC laptops and cameras

Grant Overview: The students will use cross-curricular academic skills in a real world context as they collaborate to run a business, creating and marketing a product that documents the history of the year for their peers using online design as well as publishing a newspaper which promotes school culture while being mentored by Martin journalism students. Students will be empowered to edit their own photos and videos which will be shared with the school community in video announcements. Utilizing software that meets the industry standard allows students to transition seamlessly into high school journalism.


Boles Junior High - $26,663

Requestors: Christina Blank

Principal: Jeff Provence

Technology in Use: iPad Pros & Apple Pencils

Grant Overview: With the evolving state TEKS for art & technology, giving students an exemplary education requires modern equipment. My goal is to energize students with iPad Pros & Apple Pencils  to create their own artistic vision and message. By learning basic animation, drafting, accelerating observational drawing with software, photo & video editing, students can create portfolios for greater college readiness. Technology in art history, research and criticism creates greater meta cognition about the mechanics of creating art and fosters peer review both locally and globally.


Boles Junior High - $28,969

Requestors: Lori Green, Diane Gunnip, Katie Kidd

Principal: Jeff Provence

Technology in Use: Chrome Books, iPads, TV screens

Grant Overview: We want to give our students the chance to design their own learning path by giving them multiple technology options to choose from and connect to during class. Providing tools like Chrome Books and iPad minis will give our students the chance to choose from and combine a variety of tools/apps to create original content. With large monitor TV screens, we can create “collaboration spaces” away from the main classroom space where small groups can connect their device to a larger TV screen and share their work easily with other students, much like they’ll find in their future workplace.