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Where does that litter go?

  • Rainfall washes litter into storm drains.
  • Storm drains lead to the nearest body of water and dump litter into our North Texas creeks and rivers.
  • Those creeks and rivers drain into area reservoirs, which happen to be the source of our drinking water supplies.

A Few Facts

  • Motorists generate 52% of litter along roadways and highways.*
  • On average there are 51 billion pieces of litter found on roadways, that’s 6,729 items alone per mile of roadway!**
  • Litter cleanup costs the U.S. more than $11.5 billion each year – The Metroplex racked up around $23M in litter cleanup costs.***
  • Reverse Litter. "Recycle facts." [Online] 29 October 2013.

Carrie Wulfsberg
Carrie Wulfssberg
Special Education Teacher

How To Join: Students must fill out the extracurricular form and have parents sign it. We meet Tuesdays - 4:00 to 4:30 one time per month. Club Activities:  Usually 2nd Tuesday of each month - Students usually will be learning programming skills and helping with the school paper recycling program.

These students have been helping with recycling paper for the whole school. Good Job!

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