Coach Name Room# Practice
Yvette Briggs


211 Math Calculator Apps Number Sense
  Callie Richardson
403 Impromptu Speaking & Oral Reading
  Sally Cagle


406 Dictionary Skills, Ready Writing, & Spelling
Ann Prichard Ann Prichard
907 Chess Puzzle
Benjamin Hewitt


202 Social Studies, Maps, Graphs & Charts
Rachel Robbins Rachel Robbins
301 Art History

All Team Meetings are in room 203 at 8:00 AM and/or 4:10 PM. UIL Academic Google Website 


If you are interested in participating in the Boles Academic UIL events, please sign up for remind using this code: a2a7d2

Information about practice days will be sent via remind and on the announcements.

Practice will start first week back from winter break. There are TWO meets:

Invitational UIL Academic Meet at TBD
District UIL Academic meet at TBD


Jason Cumpston - UIL Coordinator
Email: jcumpsto@aisd.net

Students may participate in up to 5 events for the Invitational Meet. Each event can have a maximum of 5 students from each school for each grade level, except for ART- they can have 7 participants per grade level. Students will participate against other students in their grade level. There will be two alternates who have practiced and are ready to participate if one of the 5 students who were chosen are absent that day or ineligible due to grades.

The Coaches will determine which students participate in the events. Attending practices will help the coaches determine which students are best prepared for the Academic meets.  If you cannot attend the scheduled practice time, stop by and speak with the coach to find a solution so that you can still be a part of the BOLES JH UIL Academic team.

The number of students who can participate in the District meet is lowered to 3 participants per grade level per school for each event, with ART allowing up to 5 participants per grade level per school.

UIL t -shirts will be on sale in January for students who did not purchase one at schedule pick up. Look for this announcement in Remind and on the daily school announcements.

WE need your talent, brain and team work. Boles has won EVERY UIL Competitions since we have held Academic UIL meets in AISD. Please help us keep this winning streak going.

PARENTS and students- if you have any questions please contact the UIL Coordinator Ann Prichard using school email:  aprichar@aisd.net. 


Boles JH has never lost an Academic UIL competition. We hope to uphold our title this year!


Day of Week

Academic UIL Test



Monday Mathematics
Monday Art History Mrs. Robbins rrobbins@aisd.net 301
Tuesday Science
Wednesday Chess Puzzle Ms. Prichard aprichar@aisd.net 907
Thursday Dictionary Skills 406
Thursday Oral Reading Mrs. Rooke brooke@aisd.net 703

Questions? Email Mr. Cumpston at jcumpsto@aisd.net