Phase 1 security cameras arrive

New security camera delivery

New security cameras – part of the 2014 Bond package – arrived March 25. The cameras, worth $479,000, will be installed in 24 schools, part of Phase 1 of the bond. Eventually all schools will receive new cameras.

The new cameras will allow the AISD Security Department to increase video surveillance from 35 to 80 percent of all buildings and will be especially important for improving coverage of libraries, gyms and cafeterias.

James Smith, AISD Security Manager, said the new cameras are not only much better than those currently used by the district, but are also even better than what was originally planned for in the bond package. And they’re cheaper.

“Since the bond recommendations moved forward, we were able to provide better coverage by buying less expensive cameras and an NVR (network video recorder) system, which was not available at the time the bond was authorized by the district,” Smith said.

The new higher-quality cameras also record a better picture, and the new NVR system, replacing DVRs (digital video recorders), will allow video surveillance recordings to be saved for 30 days, much better than the current 10-14 days.

The AISD Network Services Department will have all 24 schools in Phase 1 wired and ready for the new cameras to be installed by the end of 2015. The 24 schools are:

Sam Houston High School

Turning Point High School

Turning Point Junior High

Amos Elementary

Ashworth Elementary

Atherton Elementary

Bebensee Elementary

Blanton Elementary

Burgin Elementary

Crouch Elementary

Crow Elementary

Ditto Elementary

Duff Elementary

Foster Elementary

Little Elementary

Moore Elementary

Morton Elementary

Remynse Elementary

Sherrod Elementary

Short Elementary

Swift Elementary

Webb Elementary

Williams Elementary

Wimbish Elementary