Bond work underway at Foster and Moore Elementaries

Foster Elementary

Foster Elementary

April 27, 2017 - Early stages of bond construction are underway at Foster and Moore Elementaries. The first projects include restroom renovations to improve ADA accessibility. Much more will de done over the summer.

Both schools will get two new STEM labs, a strings room and a front-entrance security vestibule, along with a number of life-cycle and deficiency upgrades. At Moore, these will all fit within the existing building, but Foster and Wood will need additions. Foster will receive a small addition to house the two STEM labs, while the strings room will go in the existing building.

Wood Elementary, which was scheduled to start along with Foster and Moore, has been temporarily delayed. A utility line will need to be moved before construction can begin. Wood is getting an addition that will house a new library, allowing the current library to be converted into two STEM labs.

For more details about the scope of work at each school, please view the campus pages:

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