Construction underway at Arlington High School; Morton and South Davis elementaries

Morton Elementary construction

Morton Elementary construction

June 18, 2018 - Now that school is out for the year, bond-funded construction is underway at Arlington High School and Morton and South Davis elementaries.

The renovation plans were designed by Corgan Architects and are being managed by Adolfson and Peterson Construction.

Visit the schools' bond webpages for more details and photos: AHS, Morton and South Davis.

Arlington High School is receiving a long list of renovations and lifecycle/deficiency upgrades. Among the planned renovations, the agricultural shop will be improved, the old weight room will be converted into a dance studio and an old locker room will be renovated for dance and cheerleading. The auditorium will also get upgrades, with new carpet, seating, stage rigging and lighting. A few of the other improvements include installing eyewash and emergency shower stations in labs, improving ADA access and replacing water fountains throughout the building, half of which will include bottle filling stations. Life-cycle and deficiency upgrades include, among others, the replacement of plumbing fixtures, windows, exterior doors, the IDF rack and landscaping. Outside the building, parking lots and roofs will be improved, and HVAC units will be replaced. Construction at AHS is scheduled to conclude in the summer of 2019.

At Morton, the scope of work is wide-ranging. Outside, part of the existing parking lot will be resurfaced and a new parking area will be added. The school will also receive new landscaping and a new playground, and all AC units will be replaced. Inside the building, the art and strings rooms will be renovated. Renovations will also provide two new STEM labs, a new front-entrance security vestibule and additional electrical outlets.

At South Davis, the scope of work includes significant renovations that will provide two STEM labs and a strings room. The school will also receive a new security vestibule at the front entrance, which will require the office space to be rearranged. Another major project that will be less noticeable once it’s complete is the replacement of the underfloor sanitary sewer.

Both elementaries will also receive a number of other lifecycle and deficiency upgrades, and each K-pod will get some major renovations as well, with new heating and AC, flooring and roof.

Construction at Morton and South Davis is scheduled to wrap up in the fall.

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