AISD makes way for ducklings

June 6, 2019 - A construction site is not a safe place for a family of ducks.

But that’s exactly where a momma duck and her 10 little ducklings found themselves on Monday – at the construction site of the AISD’s future Arlington College and Career High School, scheduled to open in August.

As the 11 ducks made their way through the construction site toward the adjacent parking lot of Hilldale Annex, an AISD administrative building, members of the AISD Student Outreach Services team spotted them and sprang into action.

Not only were the construction site and Hilldale parking lot perilous, but the busy Arkansas Lane loomed nearby as well. Student Outreach Services Secretary Janet Boothe tapped into her farm-girl roots and led a mission to ensure the ducks’ safety. They decided to round up the ducks and take them to a safer location.

But that’s easier said than done.

Soon several of the construction workers pitched in to help with the roundup. One even used his hard hat to hold the ducklings.

As it turns out, a hard hat holds 10 ducklings comfortably.

“Another construction worker quickly gathered up the momma without a fight, which is not an easy task!” Boothe said.

The AISD team then found a large container to hold all 11 ducks and loaded them into an SUV.

“Momma and her babies rode peacefully to Lake Arlington where we released them to their new home,” Boothe said.

“It was a great team effort, resulting in not a single duck casualty or vehicle collision.”

And it was a very happy ending for all.