Gunn Junior High

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Address: 3000 South Fielder  Arlington, TX 76015



Architect: Corgan

Construction Manager: Big Sky  Construction

Start Construction: Winter 2018
Finish: Fall 2018*
*Dates are projections and subject to change.


Phase: Three

Architect: Stantec

Construction Manager: Hellas Construction

Start Construction: Spring 2018
Finish: Fall 2018*
*Dates are projections and subject to change.

Project Status: In Construction

Concrete edging for new landscaping in front of building was installed over spring break. Electrical work - installing new circuits and wiring for the addition of new battery backup emergency fixtures throughout the building - is ongoing.

Construction of the new four-lane track started in March and will continue until the fall.

Project Scope

  • Upgrade technology connectivity (new fiber)
  • Improve existing site accessibility
  • Add additional card access controls
  • Replace and add parking
  • Replace sections of roof
  • Repair/replace and upgrade heating and A/C, electrical, electrical equipment, plumbing, fire alarms and landscaping
  • Add new 4-lane track (separate project)

This report includes highlights of projects. The list is not comprehensive and is subject to modification.