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Address: 2000 N. Fielder Road  Arlington, TX 76012

Phase: Three

Architect: Stantec

Construction Manager: Hellas Construction

Start Construction: Spring 2018
Finish: Fall 2018
*Dates are projections and subject to change.



Architect: BRW Architects

Construction Manager: Imperial Construction

Start Construction: 2019
Finish: 2019
*Dates are projections and subject to change.

Shackelford students participate in Hour of Code with bond-funded technology

Project Status: Substantially Complete

Shackelford's lifecycle and deficiency scope is substantially complete. Scope included major mechanical work, some carpet replacement and renovations to the cafetorium with new paint, ceilings and lighting.

Construction of Shackelford's new four-lane track is also complete.

Project Scope

  • Upgrade technology connectivity
  • Improve existing site accessibility
  • Upgrade security cameras
  • Add additional card access controls
  • Replace parking
  • Replace roof
  • Repair/replace and upgrade heating and A/C, electrical equipment, fire alarms, interior finishes, plumbing, exterior, exterior doors, landscaping and site lighting
  • Add new 4-lane track (separate project)

This report includes highlights of projects. The list is not comprehensive and is subject to modification.