2023-2024 BHS Bell Schedule

Doors Open at 7:00am
First Bell 7:26am
*End of Breakfast. Students should be heading to class.
*Fin del Desayuno. Los estudiantes deben dirigirse a clase.


BHS Class Times

1st / 7th 7:35am - 9:05am
5 min passing period
2nd / 8th 9:10am - 10:55am
5 minute passing period

A Lunch (1st Lunch)

Lunch Period: 10:55 – 11:25

passing: 5 minute passing period

3rd/9th Period: 11:30 - 1:15


B Lunch (2nd Lunch)

3rd/9th Period: 10:55 - 12:40

passing: 5 minute passing period

Lunch Period: 12:45 – 1:15

5 min passing period
4th / 10th 1:20pm - 3:00pm

**For safety reasons, please pick up your scholar no later than 3:45 pm. Unless your scholar is staying for tutoring or after school program.
**Por razones de seguridad, recoja a su estudiante a más tardar a las 3:45 p. m. A menos que su estudiante se quede para tutoría o programa extracurricular.

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