Beverly D. Moore, RN/BSN, RVT Teacher

Beverly D. Moore, RN/BSN, RVT Teacher

Health Science Technology Educator
Medical Terminology and Principles of Health Science
HOSA CO-Advisor
NTHS CO-Advisor
AVID Site Team Member

I have been in health care for both animals and humans since the mid-late 1970’s. As an animal technician, two year degree, I have taken care of small animals, farm animals, including artificial insemination and semen analysis at veterinarian research center connected with Horse Racing Federation, wildlife, and primates at a research center.

From animals to humans; I started my nursing career with a two year degree working every area of a regional general hospital in Hobbs, NM. We left Hobbs, and headed to Arlington Texas. I have worked at two major DFW hospitals in the following units: Antepartum, Mother/baby, LD and gynecology, Peds, ER, and ICU. I decided to go back to obtain my BSN at UTA Nursing. I While I was in school at UTA, I also started working on my Life Earth Science degree and have taken Oceanography (Scuba diver), Meteorology, Geology I/II, and Astronomy.

My husband was the AP Computer Science teacher here at Bowie when the Health Science Teaching position opened up here in July 1999, and the rest is history!

In 2001, I instituted HOSA here at our campus and from there we proceeded to make Texas history. We were the first school in the state of Texas to have had three Area V Chapter Officers and one HOSA Area V State Officer at the same time. We have had students in officer positions since but never to that degree. By 2003, our HOSA members were becoming national HOSA qualifiers, and today we continue to have HOSA winners.

Bowie is my home. We have great teachers, staff, and students.

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