Bill Manley Principal
Main Office

I am a proud graduate of Pittsburg State University where I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Technology Education in 1995 and my Master of Science in Technology Education in 2005.  I am a product of Kansas but have lived in Texas the past 19 years.  I started my teaching career with 8th and 9th grade students in the Conroe ISD. I also taught 8th grade at Workman Junior High in Arlington ISD. I served 7 years as a Curriculum Specialist for Arlington before I became an Assistant Principal. After being an Assistant Principal for 4 years, I had the honor of being named the Dean of Instruction for Bowie High School prior to becoming the Principal.

Being the Principal at Bowie is truly an honor, and I fully embrace the responsibility that comes with the title. It is my vision that we provide a rigorous and engaging learning environment for all students on campus and have them embrace the opportunity and the pride of being a Bowie Volunteer as we prepare them for the college or career of their choice.