Nikki Condra Teacher

Nikki Condra Teacher

11th and 12th, Anatomy & Physiology 

– A&P has an in-depth focus of the human body structures and functions. This course is lab heavy including many dissections and is often taken by students who are wanting to enter the medical profession. Lab reports and upper-level tests are expected in every chapter of this course. Students learn skills such as how to take their own notes, how to study for tests, how to think critically (like a scientist or doctor), and how to make connections between the systems of the body. Since this course is offered to upperclassmen, there is much discussion about setting goals and taking steps to prepare for the next level of their lives.

– 15 years of experience teaching biology or A&P

– Bachelor of Science in Biology from West Texas A&M

– Currently working on a Master of Science in General Biology from Mississippi State University

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