Welcome to the Bowie High School Scholarship Page!

To apply for scholarships, you will need to go into your Counseling Canvas for your cohort and click on the Scholarship Bulletin link on the main page. You can also pick up paper copies of specific scholarships from the GO Center in room 601. If you have questions regarding scholarships, you can contact the scholarship counselor, Ms. McCray at dmccray@aisd.net.

If you are not enrolled in the counseling canvas for your cohort, please click on the self-enroll link below: 

We also need ALL students to create a FREE Going Merry account to access national scholarships and the FAFSA Made Easier Form. Go to www.goingmerry.com

Applying for Scholarships: 

  • To apply for scholarships, use the listing in the Canvas course. 
  • Apply for scholarships as early as you can, try not to wait until the week it is due, if possible. Try to give your recommenders enough time to write a really good letter of recommendation (at least a week).
  • Create a FREE profile on www.fastweb.com and goingmerry.com. These two sites will help you find national scholarships that are just for YOU based on things about you. See the Going Merry scrolling chart below.