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I used to hire students every summer from our two high schools to work for our auto shop. Most of them stayed with us while going to college because we would work around their schedule. I thought how cool would it be to teach a large group of young people to do what I do for a living?  I still keep up with most of the people I taught from once a year dinners to talking to them on holidays. I started applying for jobs at local high schools and started my teaching career.  I find it a great opportunity to teach some of my students’ children now. What a career it has been!

Period Time A Day Period Time B Day
2 & 3 9:30-12:45 AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY I 8 & 9 9:30-12:45 AUTOMOTIVE
4 & 5 1:45-4:55 AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY I 10 & 11 1:45-4:55 AUTOMOTIVE