Thomas Lyons

In the fifth grade, I conducted a science experiment to determine which household liquid (water, oil, vinegar, etc.) would conduct electricity the best. I was fascinated by the unseen world of electricity, how with the flip of a switch some magical element would race through the walls in an instant and cause a light to be produced by forcing this unseen element through a miniscule filament. Soy Sauce was the best conductor by the way, which led me to question the properties of sodium chloride as a negative ion which better facilitated electrical current. To make a long story short: electricity and science have long been a part of my life.

I graduated high school and attended Liberty University for five years while I hopped between five different majors before returning to my life calling of the world of electricity. I obtained an Associates of Technical Studies: Electrical from Liberty University as well as an Electrical Certification from Virginia Technical Institute. I worked in the construction industry for a short while before going joining the maintenance team for Riverbend Retreat Center. I spent five years as their electrician and took part in the construction of multiple buildings as well as renovations and general maintenance. While there I returned to college and obtained a Bachelors of Science.

While working at the retreat center, I forged strong bonds with the summer and hourly staff. Through my five years working with youth, I became a teacher, role model, and advisor for those transitioning from adolescence into adulthood. I came to realize that the favorite part of my job was no longer building and fixing; but relationship building and mentoring. I decided to make the switch over to teaching so I could have a greater impact on the lives of young people as they step out into the workforce; while also staying connected to the trade I love.