Mullen Mike

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I graduated from Arlington Sam Houston High School were I took several photography classes. It was at this time I made the decision to become a professional photographer. After graduation I enlisted into the United States Navy and served 22 years as a Navy Photographer, traveling throughout the world. After retiring from the USN, I was employed as a Forensic Photographer with the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office. I eventually went back to school to complete my bachelor’s degree in business administration/management, while continuing working as a professional photographer. In 2015, an opportunity became available for me to become a Photography Teacher with Arlington Independent School District. Prior to being selected for assignment to Dan Dipert Career + Technical Center, I was a Photography Teacher at Lamar High School.

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Northwood University

Time Period A Day Time Period B Day
9:35-12:50 DIGITAL AUDIO I 9:35-12:50 8 & 9  COMPUTER MAINTENANCE
1:45-3:15 3 & 4 COMPUTER MAINTENANCE 11:15-12:50 10 DIGITAL AUDIO I
3:15-4:45 5 Conference 3:15-4:45 11  Conference