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I was introduced to biomedical research in college and worked for the US Army Corp of Engineers in this capacity.  I have also worked as a DNA Forensic Analyst for five years and I am very excited to teach Medical Interventions this school year.  I believe that exposing students to such career opportunities in the biomedical sciences will assist them in making a more informed decision about their future career and the path necessary to achieve their goal.

Alcorn State University

Period Time A Day Period Time B Day
2 9:30-11:00 MEDICAL INTERVENTIONS 8 9:30-11:00  



3 11:15-12:45 MEDICAL INTERVENTIONS 9 11:15-12:45  



4 1:45-3:15 MEDICAL INTERVENTIONS 10 1:45-3:15 Conference
5 3:25-4:55 Conference 11 3:25-4:55 Workforce Pathway Chair