Gray, Gregory Construction


I entered into the education field as a second career in 2007.  Prior to teaching I was a real estate appraiser, investor, and property manager of foreclosed property for the Veterans Administration.  I retired in 1991 and started teaching adult real estate education classes to occupy my time.  This passion for education is what led me to teach construction and woodworking technology at a high school level.

I possess a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a graduate degree in educational leadership, and I support higher education, but…I also understand that every student is not going directly to college after high school so construction and trade skills are necessary for many of my students. I enjoy my school and my administration but mostly I enjoy the privilege of teaching your child.  I welcome anyone to call or come by my classroom anytime.

Northwood University

Period Time A Day Period B Day
2 & 3 9:35-12:47 BLDG MAINTENANCE TECH I




9 11:16-12:47 Conference


4 & 5 1:43-4:50 BLDG MAINTENANCE TECH I 10 1:43-3:14 Conference


11 3:19-4:50 Workforce Pathway Chair