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I cannot remember a time I did not want to be a teacher!  After teaching special education for 21 years, school was not as fun as it once was, and I either needed to leave or make a change.   I was not the best teacher I could be for my students, nor the asset to my school I had been in the past.   I added Family and Consumer Sciences to my teaching certificate, and moved downstairs at Lamar where I had been teaching special education for the last 14 years.  Over the last three years I taught Nutrition and Food Management, Interpersonal Relationships, and Introduction to Human Services.  School was fun again, I enjoyed the kids again, and I loved the challenge of a new discipline.  Being a part of the new Career Center is a new pathway on this journey.  As a veteran teacher I look forward to bringing experience to the Center as well as embarking on continual learning in the field, the chance to watch students find their way toward a career, and working with other amazing teachers across all the pathways.

University of Oklahoma

Period Time A Day Period B Day
2 & 3 9:35-12:47 CULINARY ARTS


8 & 9 9:35-12:47 CULINARY ARTS
4 & 5 1:43-4:50 Conference


11 3:19-4:50 Workforce Pathway Chair