Wagley, Benjamin Arts, AV Technology and Communications

682-867-9533    bwagley@aisd.net

No one truly knows from whence Mr. Wagley came, or how he came to be…only that he is.  He is a man of many talents including:  not needing the Konami Code when playing Contra, understanding that “Voltron” is one of the best cartoons ever…along with “Samurai Jack”, and having the ability to leap small children having a temper tantrum in a single bound.  He also has an epic sense of humor, and a late model Jeep CJ-7.  That sentence alone should be all that is ever needed to show his awesomeness.

But to know me better:  I have worked in the video game / movie industry professionally since 2005 and have worked on 13 titles ranging from AAA titles such as “Borderlands 1 and 2”, indie titles such as “7 Days to Die”, and movies such as “Altered”.  I am excited to share my knowledge and experiences with the students at the CTC, and hope to grow the Animation program in the future.

Saint Leo University (BS) Southern Methodist University (MIT)

Period Time A Day Period B Day
2 & 3 9:35-12:47 ANIMATION II




4 & 5 1:43-4:50 Conference