AISD Fire Academy Will Retire Fire Engine #1 and Receive its Replacement Thursday's 6/8/17 Board Meeting @ 7:00 PM

picture of AISD's Fire Engine #1 being donated in 2012

One of the prestigious career programs to be offered at the new ASID Dan Dipert Career and Technical  Center is the AISD Fire Academy, where students have the opportunity to train for a position at the Arlington Fire Department upon graduation. The city of Arlington donated a working fire truck (Engine #1) when AISD began its Fire Academy in coordination with the Arlington Fire Department. To ensure that AISD students are allowed the most current training experience possible, Engine #1 will be retired to allow for the donation of a newer model from the Arlington Fire Department. The ceremony for this process will be held at the Arlington ISD Board Meeting on Thursday April 8, 2017 at 7:00 pm.

It is an honor to be partnered with the Arlington Fire Department, where our students are afforded such an amazing opportunity to prepare for a future in the fire department or emergency medical technician fields.