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Pr-K roadmap Arlington ISD

Registering For Arlington ISD Free Full-Day Pre-K Is Easy

Registering your child for Pre-K is a major milestone. But it may also feel like an overwhelming, complicated process, especially with schools closed for COVID-19.

But don’t worry: It’s not as bad as it seems, and we’re here to help you get through it.

Follow this pre-k roadmap to help you navigate the enrollment process. It will lead you through the steps you need to take to submit your application. You’ll see exactly what documents you need and find out if you qualify for free Pre-K. Then, the pre-k roadmap will tell you how to get online, upload your documents, complete the registration and reach your final Pre-K destination.

However, if you run into any roadblocks, have trouble with the online process or have any questions, we are here to help. It’s our goal to get you enrolled, so don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions or issues. Call (682) 867-9418 or email

roadmap to register for pre-k Registracion de prekínder