National Principals Month 2019

Posted in on October 24, 2019

As we celebrate National Principals Month 2019, we’d like to thank all of our AISD principals for their dedication and hard work in our vision of making the AISD a premier school district and leader in education. The AISD has 77 principals and about 150 assistant principals – we hope you will join us in celebrating National Principals Month in October!

No principal in Arlington has seen as much as Kooken Education Center’s Dr. Connie Spence. That’s because Spence has been with the Arlington school district since March 1, 1985, longer than any other principal in the district. Spence also has been principal at Kooken for 24 years, longer than any other principal in the district. As we highlight principals for National Principals Month, let’s start with the one who’s been here the longest.

Why is Arlington ISD the right place for you? “It’s where I live, and it’s where my children were educated. It’s where my husband chose to become an educator. I love the community. This is home. This is my community.”

What’s the best part about being a principal? “The best part is being able to collaborate about the vision of the district.”

Is it fun? “It’s beyond fun. It’s great fun. When it’s not fun I’ll find something else to do. I get to combine my first two loves – early childhood education and special education. This is the perfect position for me.”

Have the last 34 years gone by fast? “It’s been like lightning. Every year gets better and better.”

We want to say thank you to all of our Principals this National Principals Month 2019.