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Arlington ISD Holiday Health Hero Steve Guadalupe, athletic trainer
Posted in on December 22, 2020

Veteran trainer works at new Athletics Center

The Arlington ISD wanted to take some time over the winter break to honor a group of employees that has been thrust into the spotlight in 2020 like no other year before, our health workers. So we’ve decided to celebrate our Holiday Health Heroes by spotlighting several of them. Today we’re talking with Steve Guadalupe, the district’s athletic trainer. He works at the new Arlington ISD Athletics Center and has been a trainer in the district for 14 years.

〉What’s been the most rewarding part about working through the pandemic?

Helping provide protocols in athletics that allow our coaches and students to continue to participate in activities and sports they love. You really get to observe the change that students show when they come to school and practice and compete after being home or away from the normal social atmosphere. 

〉What’s been the most challenging part about working through the pandemic?

Trying to juggle several COVID-19 calls at a time and still be able to help all administrators, athletic trainers, nurses, coaches and staff through these COVID procedures and contact tracing. 

〉What’s been the most significant adjustment you’ve had to make throughout this time?

It’s been really hard trying to adjust to social distancing standards and having to plan ahead for a meeting and not be able to just go meet with someone and work through things or just talk about something in person. The virtual atmosphere we are in is not my favorite, but I’m definitely glad we have taken steps forward in society to at least find a sense of normalcy and be able to work. 

〉When the stress of the job gets to you, what have you done to cope?

I really enjoy running and exercising as a stress reliever. I am an avid runner, but I have used running and exercise to just let my mind relax and reset my mind. 

〉What have you learned about yourself working though all of this?

I have learned that it’s ok to not have all of the answers. It’s ok to say I don’t know at the moment, let me find out for you. I’m also trying to listen and focus more on what others need as well. 

〉Do you consider what you’ve done this year as heroic and why or why not?

I do not consider the things we have done as heroic. As an athletic trainer, we are healthcare providers, and we are very accustomed to helping others and putting ourselves in the way to help athletes succeed. Yes, right now we are in this pandemic, but it’s a health care crisis so why not continue to help others in any and every way that we can to try and make someone else’s life better. This is what ATs do. From assisting with protocols to help with screenings, contact tracing to even return-to-play protocols for athletes post COVID. And all of this takes place even while ATs continue their normal daily responsibilities to treat athletes for day-to-day injuries, monitor practices and games, etc. So, no, its not heroic, it’s what we have to do to continue to help our athletes, coaches and staff. It’s chaotic, but I love what I do. 

〉What are you looking forward to most during the winter break?

I have always loved spending time with my family and relaxing with them. We usually take short road trips or just day getaways. But, most of all I just love relaxing with my wife, Sharlaine, and daughter, Shaili.