Bianca Gholston

Posted in on November 1, 2019

As we celebrate National Principals Month, we’d like to thank all of our AISD principals for their dedication and hard work in our vision of making the AISD a premier school district and leader in education. The AISD has 77 principals and about 150 assistant principals – we hope you will join us in celebrating National Principals Month in October! We will start with Bianca Gholston.

Atherton’s Bianca Gholston knows first-hand that the Arlington ISD touts itself as Where Leadership Gets Real and really makes it happen. Gholston – who is only about two-and-a-half months in to being a principal – started at the campus as an assistant principal in 2016 and was named the principal in August.

What is your favorite thing about working in the Arlington ISD? “My favorite thing about working in the AISD is the belief in and the support of your abilities and your skills. From the area superintendents to the superintendent, they all strongly and truly believe in growing and developing people. Since I get to participate in The Holdsworth Center’s leadership training, I can take that and grow and develop my staff at Atherton.

How has the district helped you grow as a leader? “At first through assistant principal meetings and with providing me with an excellent principal to learn from. Now by giving me opportunities such as Holdsworth and other different programs to help me grow individually in my purpose as a leader.”

Do you see the Arlington ISD as district that values its leaders and appreciates its principals?

“Yes. By investing in them and providing multiple and different opportunities and avenues for them to lead and by staying true to their word. Dr. C (Superintendent Dr. Marcelo Cavazos) said, ‘own your work.’ If your goal is to move up that could potentially come true.”

Only a few months in to being a principal, do you have a new, healthy respect for what it takes to be a principal? “I do have a new appreciation and respect for principals. A principal has to see a whole picture and the whole system and how all systems intertwine and interact so you can produce the best outcomes for your campus to impact student growth.”

Do you have any advice for employees who want to become an assistant principal or principal? “Seek leadership opportunities on your campus. Don’t be afraid to start an initiative and see it all the way through. Seek advice from veterans, other principals and other assistant principals. Own your work, work hard and be determined. And believe in yourself.”