Posted in on August 16, 2019

Your baby is ready for their first day of kindergarten in the Arlington ISD.  

But are you?  

Letting your child out of your sight for an entire day as they start their AISD education might seem scary as they meet teachers for the first time. Sit next to kids who could end up being friends for the rest of their lives. And in some cases spend a full day away from home for the first time. 

Sure it’s scary. Sure you’re not 100 percent prepared for it. Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Here are five tips that can get you through your first day of kindergarten in the AISD. 

  1. Tears are allowed. It’s okay to walk your kiddo to the classroom because your child may be apprehensive about their first away from you. If they cry a little that’s okay. Their kindergarten teachers have seen it all before. And if you cry a little, that’s okay too. Some of our schools have great events for the first day parents like the BooHoo/Yahoo at Duff Elementary. It’s specifically set up for kindergarten parents after they drop off their children. Look at it like it’s a big support group for people just like you. Check and see if your school has a nice tissue-friendly event to help you cope. 
  2. Get involved. There’s nothing worse than FOMO (fear of missing out) when you have a kid starting school for the first time. Whether you’re a helicopter parent, a lawnmower parent or just a plain ol’ parent, you want to know what’s happening with your child. So join your school’s PTA so you know what’s happening. Better yet, sign up to be a volunteer. Just remember that to help out at school you need to be an approved volunteer. Just follow the directions on this link, and you’re all set.  
  3. Take the day for yourself if you can. Let’s be honest, if you’re working the day you take your first kid to kindergarten you’re going to get as much accomplished as you do on Cyber Monday or the first day of the NCAA Tournament. You’re going to be looking at your phone to check the time and counting down until dismissal at 3:35 p.m. Might as well get to school early, get an idea of what the pickup line is like and get ready to celebrate surviving your first day of school. We get that some parents can’t take the day off because of their work. But if you’ve got a little comp time or a personal day saved up, this is the day to use it.  
  4. Pictures, pictures, pictures. There are some major photo moments in your child’s time in the AISD. Graduation is huge. Sixth-grade graduation is also a biggie (get there early). But really everything starts in kindergarten. And first day of kindergarten is where it all starts. Don’t be afraid to selfie it up, Snap it up, put it on the ‘Gram or whatever you’ve got to do. This is your baby and everyone needs to know that it’s their first first day of school. Use the hashtag #ExperienceAISD, and we might pick it up and use it too!  
  5. Trust the teachers.There are more than 4,000 highly-qualified teachers in the Arlington ISD. For most students coming to district, the kindergarten teacher will be the first one they’ve had. They’ll be there every step of the day whether it’s learning their ABCs or how to get to the cafeteria. They’ve got this. And remember, so do you. 

From all of us at the Arlington ISD, have a wonderful first day of school!