texas kids first accident insurance

Posted in on September 15, 2019

Texas Kids First has asked the Arlington Independent School District to make parents aware of their accident insurance program for kids.

From their website

The mission of Texas Kids First is to provide the finest, most affordable insurance coverage available to all school-age children. For parents and school districts, we offer accident-only plans to insure students for injuries that occur while participating in school-sponsored activities and athletics.

Texas Kids First has unique access to one of the most creative innovations in the insurance industry: The Texas Kids First Provider Network. The network consists of medical professionals and hospitals that have agreed to treat injured students from our insured districts for the services paid and outlined in the Schedule of Benefits of the Texas Kids First Student Accident Plans.

To learn about the Texas Kids First program, visit their website. 

The Arlington ISD does not endorse any specific insurance providers, but we do strive to make information available to parents of our students. Texas Kids First will be happy to answer any specific questions about their products. 

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