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Coming this fall, the Arlington ISD is bringing back the popular Corey & Jones Academies of Fine Arts and Dual Language and introducing three new groundbreaking academies that will make an Arlington education anything but “elementary.”  

At the Wimbish World Language Academy, prekindergarten through sixth-grade students can select a dual-language pathway in either English/Spanish or English/French that will ensure that students are fluent Spanish or French speakers before they head to junior high. Additionally, students will have exposure to world cultures, an introduction to a third language and summertime activities to keep their language skills stellar.  

Pearcy Elementary will be transformed into the Pearcy STEM Academy where students will be challenged with real-world problems requiring their critical and compassionate thinking skills to solve. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics will be interwoven throughout the curriculum making for a daily learning experience sure to explode your child’s love of learning. For the 2019-2020 school year, only fourth- through sixth-grade students will be accepted. The following year, second and third graders will be eligible to apply.  

At the Crow Leadership Academy, kindergarten through sixth-grade students will be participating in one of only a handful of International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme candidate schools in the state. The students in this program will be exploring issues in a real-life context as they learn leadership, collaboration and how to take responsibility for their own work. They will think through ways their class can make an impact on global issues such as hunger relief by participating in service projects, taking tours and understanding a globally connected world.  

The Corey & Jones Academies of Fine Arts & Dual Language are two of the more popular programs in the Arlington ISD because they afford kindergarteners the opportunity to learn dual-languages in their early years as they learn fluent Spanish and gain exposure to Mandarin Chinese. Additionally, they are inspired to create through visual arts, music (choral, strings and piano), dance and theater. Both fine arts instruction and second language acquisition help students increase cognitive abilities, improve thinking and verbal skills, enhance motor skills and problem-solving ability, and improve SAT scores.  

Applications are being accepted through Jan. 31, 2019 for these elementary school special programs. Attending a parent meeting is required where you’ll learn more about the outstanding opportunities at the Arlington ISD, be able to ask questions and meet the professionals who will be leading your child to success.  

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