Homebound Services

Homebound Services

Department Contact:

Melodie Hrabak

Curriculum Coordinator

(682) 867-0804

Hilldale Annex
4800 W Arkansas Ln
Arlington, TX 76016
Office: (682) 867-0820
Fax: (682) 867-4670

The Homebound Program provides a support option for students who are expected to be confined for a minimum of four consecutive weeks or four weeks during a school year for chronically ill students as documented by the student’s licensed physician.

Access the Homebound forms on the AISD Intranet.

Julie Barganier

Homebound Teacher

(682) 867-0820

Stephanie Hudson

Homebound Teacher

(682) 867-0820

Mary Hernandez

Homebound Teacher

(682) 867-0820

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