Arlington ISD Pre-K

Full STEM ahead!

Full-day pre-K for 4-year olds
Half-day pre-K for 3-year olds

Unique STEM learning opportunities

Bilingual and special needs programs


According to a study published by Raise Your Hand Texas – an advocacy group for public education in Texas – children who attend any type of preschool program were more likely to be ready (54% ready) for kindergarten than children who had not attended preschool (38% ready). High-quality pre-K programs, the study said, can lead to significant and sustained gains for young children.

When you walk into a pre-K classroom at any Arlington ISD school, you are going to find busy little people. And what exactly are they doing and learning?

  • Playing in engaging centers that include math, science, reading, language arts, fine arts and home play
  • Learning to recognize numbers and shapes and learning to count
  • Learning the alphabet and phonics to increase oral language, communication and vocabulary
  • Mastering letter recognition and working on written expression
  • Pretending to cook and playing with playdough
  • Spending one-on-one time with the teacher
  • Enjoying recess and outside time with friends
  • Exploring in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) lab
  • Learning during calendar and weather time
  • Singing, listening to music and doing drama and plays
  • Exercising with music
  • Exploring in outdoor learning environments
  • Creating through art, such as coloring, painting and more
  • Learning to use scissors and how to hold a pencil
  • Beginning writing
  • Learning how to use technology

Giving your child the best start is the greatest

gift you can give them.

Set them up for a lifetime of success in a fun and safe

learning environment at the Arlington ISD pre-K.