AISD Cadre. Make a Difference. Curriculum and Instruction Department.

The AISD Curriculum & Instruction Department is seeking dynamic teacher leaders to join our Cadre who are committed to excellence in our schools to continue to build district-wide capacity & teacher leadership. AISD Cadre members assist in curriculum & assessment design to ongoing revisions of district curriculum documents including YAGs, Scope & Sequences, Unit Overviews, IFDs, and a variety of assessments.

As an AISD Cadre member, you will engage in experiences designed to:

  • Explore pedagogical approaches to TEKS-based, student-centered instruction
  • Grow your knowledge and skills in curriculum, instruction, and assessment in order to support creating curriculum, district assessments, and instructional resources
  • Develop your capacity to design and facilitate professional learning
  • Collaborate with other Cadre members and the C&I Department to advance the district mission, vision, and goals & improve the learner experience
  • Cultivate your personal leadership and understand how you can make a positive impact
  • Connect your own understanding of instruction at the campus level with systems that support instructional initiatives at the district level (such as Best Practices, Active Learning Cycle, & DDI)

Cadre members apply these principles in the curriculum and assessment design and ongoing revisions of the district curriculum, teacher support materials to be implemented in facilitating the continuous learning for peers to advance the district's strategic plan and improve the learner experience.

Why should I join the Cadre?

Erin Abuawad

Arlington Collegiate High School

Megan Starkey

Student Support Interventionist
Anderson Elementary


  • Hold a valid Texas teaching certificate with 3 years minimum of teaching experience,
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of TEKS, core content, & academic rigor,
  • Utilize excellent oral & written communication & interpersonal skills,
  • Display a strong ability to work independently as a self-starter with excellent time management & organizational skills,
  • Commit to continuous learning, continuous improvement, equity, & excellence, and
  • Complete the 2022-2023 AISD Cadre application at
  • Exceptions to these expectations will be made due to the needs of the department.

Once selected as 2022-2023 AISD Cadre member, members must commit to a 12-month contract, attend the one-day Summer Intensive Learning Experience (August 3, 2022), attend content area-specific days throughout the school, complete all required deliverables throughout the school year, and agree to two observations by C&I staff. A $3,000 stipend is dispensed monthly as these commitments are completed throughout the year.