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Guidelines for Student Banquets and Special Events at the PDC

PDC Provides:

Table and Chair Setup

  1. To best serve you, we must have a FINAL seat count at least 7 days before your event.  This number should not be excessively different from the original estimate at the time of reservation due to the limited spaces available.  We do not have staff available to add or delete extra tables the day of the event.
  2. Banquet tables are 72” rounds and our buffet tables are 5’ x 3’.  We can provide sign-in and trophy tables upon request.

Kitchen Facilities

  1. Our kitchen is not a full-service kitchen.  We can only offer preparation space, limited refrigerator space and an ice machine.  We do not hold a Food Service/ Health Dept. License and no one on staff is a Food Service Manager.  It is your responsibility to inform your caterer of our facilities and limitations.

A/V Equipment:

  1. We provide one handheld wireless microphone and/or one wired stand microphone, VGA/Video hookup for a laptop (projector included), sound connection with 3.5mm plug (standard headphone jack), DVD/VCR player.  You provide a computer/laptop for your presentation and/or a compatible and tested DVD.

Banquet Sponsor Responsibilities:

Decorations for the event

  1. Candles and/or open flame are not permitted by order of the Arlington Fire Marshall (Sterno for Catering is okay).
  2. Fresh flowers, straw, sand, rice, or confetti are not permitted due to excessive cleanup requirements.
  3. Glitter or items excessively decorated with glitter are not permitted due to excessive cleanup requirements.
  4. Loose or single-tied Helium balloons are not permitted inside the Grand Hall (301A/B) to prevent damage to the lighting system. Professionally created balloon arches can be used with PDC approval.
  5. Any decorations to be placed on walls must be put on the burlap portions of the room using only stick pins or thumb tacks. Any kind of tape, putty, staples or glue is prohibited. Your organization may be charged for any damages occurred.
You provide any table linens, plates, dinnerware for the event.
You provide a caterer of your choice for refreshments and meals.
Please be mindful of food choices to maintain a clean and usable facility for all.
  1. Red colored drinks or any items that could stain carpeting are not permitted.
  2. Extra care must be taken when serving cake with icing. (We recommend a plastic cloth under the cake table.)
  3. Your organization may be charged if excessive cleanup is required.

You must ensure AISD approved volunteers are assisting with the event. It is the Banquet Sponsor’s responsibility to check the status of the volunteers. There must be 1 sponsor for every 10 students that participate in the event.

Students may not leave the building until their banquet/event is over. They may not reenter the building once dismissed. Sponsors may escort students to the parking lot and back after the event begins. Students without escorts will not be allowed reentry in the building.  Sponsors must stay until all students are picked up after the banquet.

Dances and dance floors are not permitted at the PDC.  Any unauthorized delivery of a dance floor will be turned away at your expense. DJ's are permitted, but they must provide their own sound equipment. You must be considerate of other events going on during your banquet with regard to volume levels.

You must remove all decorations (including table cloths) and equipment from the room at the end of the banquet.

All banquets must be completed with all students exiting the building by 10:00 PM

If you have any questions about this document, please email Michael Miller.