Ozobot Evo

Evo by Ozobot is a miniature robot with lights, sound, sensors, and wheels that can be programmed three ways. It’s designed to teach children how to code. Novice programmers can learn to code with Color Codes while advanced students can program with logic, variables, and functions and make the most of Evo’s light and proximity sensors.


Grade Level

3, 4, 5

Compatible Devices

Chromebook, iPad

Equipment Apps or Websites

Ozobot Evo App

Additional Resources

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Ozobot Evo Availability

Number of Devices Owned by AISD: 4 Classroom set (18 Ozobot per set)

Current Availability by Month

    Complete this form to request equipment for one month; you may only select one set of equipment per form. If you wish to request additional equipment, you will need to submit additional forms.