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Eric Smedema

Intervention Specialist
(682) 867-8857

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Eric Smedema graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington’s Graduate School of Social Work in 1992 and has been working in the field since that time. Mr. Smedema worked for Child Protective Services and the Juvenile Probation Department before arriving to the Arlington Independent School District in 1998.

Intervention services provided address the social, emotional and behavioral issues of a student to promote academic success. These services may include substance abuse screenings, individual intervention counseling, group counseling, prevention presentations, referrals to treatment facilities, parent meetings, follow up services and staff trainings.


  • Martin High
  • Boles Jr High
  • Young Jr High
  • Bryant Elementary
  • Corey Academy
  • Ditto Elementary
  • Dunn Elementary
  • Farrell Elementary
  • Little Elementary
  • Miller Elementary
  • Moore Elementary
  • Starrett Elementary
  • West Elementary
  • Wood Elementary