Community Based Centers

AISD offers half day Pre-K classes at 15-day care locations, for 3 and 4 year olds. Community based centers are daycare centers that work with AISD. They have an accredited AISD teacher, that includes AISD curriculum, all materials, and technology. The Community Based Centers provide an option for working parents/guardians. Children will receive the same three-hour day and curriculum that is being provided at a campus location. This will provide additional Pre-K 3 and 4 classrooms as well as wrap-around child care so that children will not need to travel to and from a campus to a child-care center.  Please contact individual child-care centers for specific information on registration dates and child care costs.

  • Abram Head Start Child Development Center**
    1901 E. Abram, 76010
  • Allstars Learning Center
    1820 E. Abram, 76010
  • Ameen Montessori
    614 Hiett Ave 76010
    817 543-2630
  • Childtime
    1505 W Arkansas, 76013
  • Destiny Academy
    2535 E Mayfield Rd 76014
  • Grace Lutheran
    210 W. Park Row, 76010
  • Kid's Community Preschool #1**
    1305 W Arbrook, 76015
  • Kid's Community Preschool #2**
    4165 Magna Carta Blvd 75052
  • Madinah Academy**
    1600 Center St., 76010
  • The Children's Place**
    2312 Remynse, 76014
  • Tucker Head Start Child Development Center**
    1521 W Tucker,76013
  • YET Center - Salvation Army**
    712 W Abram St, 76013
  • YWCA Arlington Child Development Center**
    1120 UTA Blvd, 76013
  • Zone 4 Kids Learning Center
    2004 E Abram, 76010
  • ** Wrap-around child care is available at most locations, however,
    children must be enrolled in daycare to attend during AISD Pre-K class time at these locations.

AISD Pre-K is free for those who qualify based on income, language, children of active military personnel or those injured or killed in action, or is/has been in conservatorship of DFPS. CCMS is accepted at most childcare locations. If you do not qualify under these conditions, AISD Pre-K tuition is $263 per month for half-day programs and $527 per month for full-day programs. For more information, call Kooken Education Center at 682-867-7220