Department Contact:

Eric Smedema

Intervention Specialist
(682) 867-4500

Eric Smedema graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington’s Graduate School of Social Work in 1992 and has been working in the field of social work since that time.  Mr. Smedema worked for Child Protective Services and the Juvenile Probation Department before coming to the Arlington Independent School District in 1998. He currently resides over the Bowie High School network.

Assigned Campuses Include:

  • Bowie High School
  • Barnett Junior High
  • Workman Junior High (7th grade)
  • Amos Elementary
  • Bryant Elementary
  • Burgin Elementary
  • Farrell Elementary
  • Hale Elementary
  • McNutt Elementary
  • Morton Elementary
  • Remynse Elementary
  • Starrett Elementary
  • West Elementary

Intervention services provided include prevention presentations, substance abuse screenings, referrals to treatment programs, intervention counseling, parent meetings, and staff trainings.  Mr. Smedema can be contacted at the number and e-mail address listed above to schedule a time to provide services.  His general schedule will include high school visits on Wednesday and Friday, junior high visits on Monday and Tuesday, and elementary school visits on Thursday.