Department Contact:

James Tucker

Intervention Specialist
(682) 867-8350

Mr. Tucker is dedicated to assisting students in overcoming substance abuse issues and educating students in the physical and physiological effects of abusing drugs and alcohol.  He is a certified school social worker and has a master's degree in education.  He has been educating and intervening with adolescents and teenagers for over twenty years.  Mr. Tucker believes that parents, community, and schools all have a major role in the prevention and intervention of substance abuse, as well as, a constant effort of education for all children. He currently resides over the Lamar High School Network.

Assigned Campuses include:

  • Lamar High School
  • Nichols Junior High
  • Shackelford Junior High
  • Butler Elementary
  • Ellis Elementary
  • Jones Elementary
  • Kooken Elementary
  • Larson Elementary
  • Peach Elementary
  • Pope Elementary
  • Sherrod Elementary
  • Speer Elementary
  • Webb Elementary
  • Wimbish Elementary