Arlington High School
Bowie High School
Lamar High School
Martin High School
Sam Houston High School
Seguin High School


Students have the choice of driving or riding the bus to and from the home campus and the center.

Buses from home campus to CVPA will leave 5 minutes after class is dismissed. Buses will pick students up by the flagpole at most home campuses except Arlington High. AHS students will be picked up by Gym A 

Buses will take all students back to their home campus after each class.

Students choosing to drive themselves to the CVPA will need to obtain a CVPA parking permit for the CVPA

The student drop off area is on the Sanford Street entrance

Note: 4th, 5th,10th,11th periods

  • Students that would normally ride the bus to their home/neighborhood from their high school will not be back to the home campus in time from their 4th, 5th, 10th, 11th-period CVPA classes.
  • Transportation can be arranged back to the home campuses from the CVPA.
  • From there, students must arrange their own transportation home.
  • Students may be picked up from the CVPA or their home campus.