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Student Information

Displaying artwork at the AISD Professional Development Center (PDC) provides students and faculty with the opportunity to showcase their successes in the visual arts. We invite you to visit the PDC frequently throughout the year to enjoy and explore the ever changing artistic creations of the art students and art instructors of AISD. The PDC is located at 1111 W. Arbrook Blvd., Arlington, TX 76015, (north of the Parks Mall; between 24hr Fitness and Academy Sports). Normal operating hours are Mon - Fri, 8am - 4:30pm.

Grade Level Curriculum

  • PaintingGrades 1-3: In grades 1 to 3, students are introduced to the fundamental concepts of visual art. They learn the basics such as the relationships between colors, and the use of lines, shapes, and texture as a tool to create art. As they progress, they are introduced to the concepts of composition, shading, and point-of-view
  • PaintingGrades 4-6: By 4th grade, the students are well versed in the fundamentals of visual arts. This allows the art teacher to introduce more advanced concepts that build upon those fundamentals. The students start to discuss and demonstrate the emotional aspects of their art. The concepts of proportion and perspective are introduced as well as optical effect and architectural construction. The ideas of implied movement and line value are introduced along with rotation and reflection.
  • ArtworkGrades 7-8: Grades 7 and 8 for the art student are a time of exploration and transition. All of the concepts they learned in the elementary levels are refined and directed into producing works of art that reflect each student's individual style. The students take the concepts of color, line, and shape to the next level, with concentrations involving value scales, contour, and focal point. The students also start to experiment with 3D mediums like wireframe, wood, and clay sculpture, and ceramics. The in-depth exploration of these core techniques prepares the student for the eventual branching into specific disciplines at the high school level.
  • SketchGrades 9-12: At the high school level, students explore the fundamental techniques of visual art in great detail. Art I strengthens the techniques learned in the lower grades and delves into the history of each technique. Art II begins a concentration into a specific medium while still broadening their knowledge of other techniques. Art III progresses that concentration with individualized instruction and focus along with a study of current/contemporary styles. The culmination of their art journey with AISD is Art IV where the student is the master of his own destiny. He decides the focus for his art with the instructor guiding and focusing along the way.

Staff Information

As we teach students to focus on the many talents they possess, AISD also encourages staff to tap into their own creativity and produce a body of work reflective of their artistic passion. Each year, the faculty participates in the annual Faculty Art Show. Artwork ranging from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional, using a variety of styles and mediums, is beautifully displayed at the Mac Bernd Professional Development Center

Show Guidelines

  • Eligibility: Current AISD Art Instructor
  • Location: AISD-PDC
    1111 W. Arbrook Blvd.
    (682) 867-7502
  • Date: TBD