The Arlington Independent School District appreciates the commitment of our community partners to engage with our students and staff. If you or your organization is interested in supporting our school district through engagement activities, please select the category below which best fits your group. You will be prompted to complete a form communicating your interest.

Faith-Based Organizations

With the belief that an engaged community is essential for students to reach success, the AISD welcomes the support of our faith-based community. Through district and campus-based initiatives, our faith-based community provides crucial support to our students and learning community. Whether it be a donation of school supplies or providing volunteer mentors, our faith-based community has a daily impact that enhances our students. 

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Civic Organizations

The Arlington ISD is the beneficiary of a truly altruistic community. The civic organizations in our learning community are true leaders of support for our students and campuses. Through constant engagement, our civic organizations provide vital resources such as volunteer hours, higher education scholarships and recognition celebrations.

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Business and Enterprise

The business community has provided an array of support to the Arlington ISD. Through volunteerism, our business partners provide real-life workforce experiences to our students and staff. By opening their place of work, our businesses have created opportunities for our students to learn and grow.

Institutions of Higher Education

Our local college, universities and technical institutes provide a medium for our students to continue their higher education. The AISD welcomes partnership opportunities with our institutions of higher education to build the relationship for our students prior to graduation.