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Please fully complete and store this file in a safe location on your campus where it will be accessible if any fire marshal requests it during an inspection. We recommend storing physical and electronic copies of the document. It is not necessary to send this to the Security Department.

Administrators can use this manual to enter all 2017-2018 emergency drills. Contact Chris Gent ( in Security with log in or other issues. Log into the system to report your drills at

***Note that all times must go in the following order:

1) Created - when you call Security Dispatch to notify them of the drill (10-15 minutes before the drill).

2) Dispatched - when you actually started the fire / intruder lockdown / severe weather drill.

3) On Scene - For Fire Drills, this is the clock time at which your entire building evacuation was done (not when students were back in class). For other drills, this is the clock time at which all parts of the drill were done and students / teachers were able to return to normal activities.

4) Closed - This is the date / time you actually entered the drill into ISS 24/7.

Please see the attached guide to entering Security Systems Requests in Service Now for the above issues. All contact regarding Security Systems issues should be done through the email address, not with an individual Security Technician.