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Curt Fernandez

Director of Risk Management
(682) 867-9224

Department Contact:

Tina Baze

Administrative Assistant
(682) 867-7649

Risk Management is the systematic approach toward identifying, evaluating, and implementing risk controls and measures that will minimize, mitigate and manage the risks that we will face in our day-to-day work activities. The goals of Risk Management department are to create and promote a safe and supportive work environment and reduce financial exposure throughout the Arlington ISD by:

  • Promoting an injury/accident-free School District and a harassment free work experience for all stakeholders.
  • Ensuring that the students, parents and customers has a positive service experience with School District employees.
  • Initiating and developing risk management policies and procedures.
  • Monitoring, analyzing and assessing loss experience and exposure.

These goals are addressed through these major functions of this department: Risk transfer, policy analysis, workers compensation administration, loss prevention, and general liability claims management.

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