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    Residency Questions

    To find the school that will serve your child in AISD, use our Address Lookup.

    Yes, the Arlington ISD is an open enrollment district and will consider student transfers from inside and outside of the District. However, open enrollment is only during the transfer windows. For more information on whether the window is currently open or closed, please visit our Transfer website.

    In Arlington ISD, schools are assigned based on where a student lives. If a parent wants to transfer to a different school, it must be done during the open transfer period. Parents must apply for and agree to follow the transfer guidelines. Some schools have additional criteria for application outlined in Specialized Programs

    If you are living with a relative or friend in the AISD attendance zone and the utility bills are not in your name, a Residency Affidavit must be completed and returned to the school office.

    The campus MUST receive the following along with the Residency Affidavit:

    Online Registration Questions

    The link to access School Mint for Online Registration is:

    If you experience technical difficulties with the online registration forms, School Mint Support is available at 1 (855) 957-3535.  If you have forgotten your username, you may have it emailed to you using the username lookup

    Please check your email "spam" folder as most password resets are treated as spam by internet providers. If you do not find the email in your spam folder, you may not have provided the correct username for your School Mint account. Username Recovery is available at

    If your children are returning to AISD, you are receiving this screen with Transfer as your only option if you created a new parent account. Please log in to the account you used in the prior year for completing your forms which may be found by using the following link:

    If your children are returning to AISD and you are receiving this screen with Transfer as your only option, you may have accidentally created a new parent account. Please log in to the account you used in the prior year for completing your forms. If you are unsure of your prior username, you can recover it using the following link:

    The campus your student is zoned to attend, based on your address, will populate for enrollment. You will not be able to change the zoned campus. Complete the form with the selected campus.

    If you have an approved transfer, letter of acceptance to an academy, or need to update the address, directions will be posted on the district website for providing information to the new campus. The campus name will be updated once all paperwork has been validated.  COVID has affected all of our processes and AISD is working to finalize plans for updating this information and will share when complete.

    The school selected is based on the address in the parent profile. Please update the address in the Family Profile if it is incorrect. If it is correct, the school displayed is your child’s home campus.

    Transfers are only available during the open transfer windows.  Dates of the Transfer window are posted on our website.

    The district is evaluating the best way to collect the information from those who had an enrollment form started prior to July 7th. Once a determination is made, this information will be collected from those who have completed Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten applications.

    To Register your child, please click on Add/Edit Student Application to the right of your child’s name in the SchoolMint application. Complete the fields at the bottom of the screen if blank and use the Next button to proceed to the next page where you select Registration (and Next button again) to finalize through the Registration process.

    Please note that the campus of your residence will appear ("Out of District" for non-AISD students). This information will be updated at the campus prior to the start of the school year.  

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to upload documents once an application has been completed.

    Please email the documents along with the student’s first and last name, student ID number if known, and the first and last name of the parent/guardian, to the campus contact for your student’s campus.

    We understand that your custody documentation necessitates a change to the account who will complete the online registration. As a security precaution, we do not change the responsible parties without picture ID’s.

    Please email or call your student’s campus to assist you in these changes to your account once final decisions are made on how registration will be completed at the campus.

    School Mint only allows one registration to be completed per year.  If your child has been ENROLLED for part of the current year and your registration is School Mint is marked as completed, the campus will direct the use of the Enrollment Card.

    However, this form may not be used for any students where registration has not yet been completed for the current year.

    Other Program Information

    Pre-Kindergarten -

    Kindergarten -

    Information on income is collected to determine an Economically Disadvantaged status. Knowing this information, AISD can determine which campuses receive additional State and Federal funding to provide programs that will directly affect student instruction such as:

    • Interventions
    • Instructional programs
    • Supplemental teachers
    • Professional development for teachers
    • Family engagement activities

    The Arlington ISD Transportation Department provides transportation services including home-to-school, special needs, and field trip transportation, as well as summer and charter trips for the district. The Transportation department takes great pride in safely transporting our students. Our professionally trained drivers oversee the protection of each child while traveling to and from school or various events.

    Other Assistance

    Does School Mint have a Support Line?

    Yes, you may receive assistance at (855) 957-3535.

    My question is not listed here. Who do I contact?

    Please fill out the form below to be contacted by a staff member.

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