High School students currently enrolled in AISD must request transcripts from their school. Students who have graduated or no longer enrolled in AISD may request a transcript by clicking on one of the options at the bottom of the page. No phone, e-mail or fax requests are accepted.

A government issued ID is required and must be submitted at the time of request. IDs that are accepted are:

  • Valid Driver’s License (not expired)
  • Valid State ID (not expired)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Valid Passport (not expired)
  • Military ID card
  • Valid Mexican Consulate ID card (not expired)
  • Signed Social Security card
  • If none of the above is available, then an AISD High School ID card, if not older than 2 years and is still clearly readable

Transcripts are $2 each. Online requests will incur an additional $4 convenience fee per transaction. Any requester wanting to pay by debit/credit card must place their request through the online system. Walk-ins or mailed-in requests must remit cash or money order with their request form. No personal checks, credit or debit cards are accepted. No coins are accepted by mail.

Parents/Guardians using their ID may request their child’s transcript until the student turns 21 years old.

Colleges/Universities may request a transcript online using a credit or debit card. Or, the college/university may request a transcript by mail, remitting cash, money order or school check and a signed authorization from the student. No signed authorization from the student is required if ordering online.

All transcripts will be mailed, with the exception of the walk-ins. If at all possible, all walk-ins will leave with transcript in hand. If for some unforeseen reason the transcript cannot be processed for the walk-in, the transcript will be mailed as soon as possible or the requestor may return for pick-up.

Mailed transcripts will be sent to the address as provided by the requester. Mailed transcripts will be certified as official in a sealed envelope and should be opened only by the requesting party.

Walk-ins will have a choice of having the transcript certified as official and placed in a sealed envelope or an unofficial transcript copy. Unofficial transcript copies will not be certified as official or placed in a sealed envelope. They will be marked “COPY”.

Immunizations are on transcripts for students who attended up until the 2009-10 school year. Transcripts for students who attended in the 2010-11 school year and later do not contain immunizations and will have to be requested separately at an additional $2 fee.

If records other than the transcript or immunization are requested, the student should call the Records Management Office to see if those records are available. High School Transcripts have a permanent retention, but all other student records are destroyed seven years after withdrawal or graduation in compliance with our retention schedule. A fee will apply.

Contact Numbers:
(682) 867-7665
(682) 867-7672
(682) 867-7684
(682) 867-7685

Online Requests

Form is to be completed by the student or may be completed by the parent (or legal guardian) if the student is under 21 years of age.

A Third Party may pick up the transcript as designated by the student on the form.

The information contained in the on-line request should be considered private. Please complete all information in full and then finalize the order process through the payment of the “order fee”.

Transcripts are $2 each and will incur a $4 convenience fee for each transaction. The fee payment will be paid through Amazon Payments. The charge will show on your credit/debit card statement as “ASISSchoolRecords”. This is a secure and trusted provider of payment services.

Note: AISD does not offer refunds for online orders.

Request transcripts online.

In Person Requests

Students may request and pick up their transcript in person at the Records Management Center during our business hours:

Annex 2
1202 West Arkansas Lane
Arlington, TX 76013

Parents or Legal Guardians may request their child’s transcript until student turns 21 years old.

Transcripts are $2 payable by cash or money order made out to AISD. No checks or debit/credit cards are accepted.

Valid government issued ID must be presented at the time of request.

Mail-In Requests

Print out the mail-in request form.

Complete ALL blanks on both pages.

Transcripts are $2 each, payable in cash or a money order made out to AISD. No personal checks or coins are accepted.

Mail completed form back with fee and copy of valid government issued ID.

Transcript will be mailed to the address in the “Release To” section of the form.

Mail-In Request Form