Media Fair

Implementation of the technology TEKS requires technology to become a seamless tool in the classroom. The purpose of the AISD Media Fair is to encourage students and teachers to fully implement the TEKS and to use technology to improve teaching and learning.

Students in grades PK-12 may create curriculum-related, electronic projects for the Media Fair in any of six categories:

  • Animation (frame animation, dimensional animation, and video animation)
  • Digital Media (multimedia project boards, talking avatars, slideshow variations and alternatives, interactive tutorials, podcasts, radio jingles, and original music compositions)
  • Digital Publishing and Graphic Design (multi-page flyers, newspapers, book jackets, menus, magazine covers, brochures, calendars, stationery, silk screen designs, bumper stickers, logos, product packaging, and posters)
  • Programming & App Design (programs or apps created using recognizable programming languages such as Java, LOGO, Scratch, Alice, Tynker, C#, C++, etc.)
  • Video Production (documentaries, instructional news stories, and abstract/experimental videos)
  • Web Design (html documents and support files that can be viewed with a browser)

Entry information is available through this website, Campus Technology Liaisons, and Instructional Technology Specialists. The deadline for submitting entries to the district level is 2:30 PM on Tuesday, March 21. Winning entries will be displayed at our evening event April 27, 2017.